Philoptochos – November 2018

Dear Philoptochos Members and Friends:


The members of our Philoptochos and other friends in our community are just finishing with baking pastries for this year’s upcoming Spaghetti Dinner.  Thanks to all those who have taken time from their daily routines to help.  This has been said before, but it’s worth saying again:  You can’t appreciate the more mature women in our community that have done this for years unless you work beside them.  Love them all!  Thanks to Nicko and Kathie and their families and the Superior Bakery crew for making this yearly endeavor so much easier for us. God Bless!


We encourage all of you to help us again in the Spaghetti Dinner and the Philoptochos Pastry Sales.  Our church needs as much participation as possible.  We have so many projects that are necessary to complete to keep our church in good physical condition so that we can continue to grow as a church and offer the next generation a place of worship.  Not only that, but as a Christian community we want to be able to give back to our Fayetteville friends and beyond, to those in need. 


In our last Philoptochos meeting we made several decisions that are worth noting.  We voted to give $500 locally to the American Red Cross to be earmarked for Hurricane Florence relief.  Living in Fayetteville, most of us know someone that was directly impacted by this storm.  We also agreed to give $500 to the National Philoptochos Disaster Relief Fund specifically to be distributed to victims of the horrible fires in Greece this past summer.  And last, recently we learned of a nine year old child who was born with spina bifida and then three years ago was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.  Zander is a fighter with an amazing spirit.  He is one of three children and his parents are trying to take a family trip to Disney before his next surgery which is scheduled for mid November.  We presented a $200 check to his Father to be used for this purpose.  Let’s continue to keep Zander and his family in our prayers.    

Our next meeting is scheduled for November 18th, immediately following the Divine Liturgy.  Please make every effort to attend.  We have so much to discuss, including our Christmas charitable contributions.  We welcome each of you to join us. 

We wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.  May we always be mindful of the needs of others, the opportunity to help, and the guidance from above in our efforts to serve.  May you and your families continue to be blessed.


In God’s Love,


Dina Goodson

Philoptochos President                        


Mrs. Irene Bantsolas helping deliver fans to the Department of Social Services to be given to the families in need in this hot weather.



Philoptochos Meeting and Dinner at Alberto's Restaurant


 Holy Thursday 2018