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For anyone that was unable to attend the RENOVATION PRESENTATION here is the video link.

The video shows conceptual ideas but not exact colors. There will be flyers in the narthex explaining the committee’s proposal for renovation. It was decided that the SPECIAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY meeting to vote for this will be on Sunday, March 24 after church. Any member that has paid dues for 2018 and pledged for 2019 is eligible to vote.


 President’s Letter – March 2019 

Fellow Church Members:

This year has begun with your Parish Council having work done on the flat roof over the conference room. The mold in the storage closet next to the stage has been removed. The next step will involve replacing the ceilings in that room and in the adjacent stairwell as well as completing a few other minor projects.

The Parish Council is working on compiling an email list for members of our church. This will help expedite the sharing of information with our church members. Karen Koukies has been tasked with this project. Please send your email information promptly to Karen at

Peter Kalogerinis and John Poulos are updating our web page. As painful as it seems to some of us, social networking is the fastest, most effective method of communication. This should be our best source in finding out what is going on in our church community. We are also trying to set up a Pay Pal account to facilitate payment of dues and other monetary transactions.

Stewardship is something that should concern all of us. As we have stated in the past, it takes about $25,000 a month to meet our routine church expenses. Last years’ stewardship was about $130,000. We must each take a hard look at our church financial responsibilities and do better personally. We can do better. We must do better.  

At 5:30pm on Sunday, March 3rd, the Church Renovation Committee will host a meeting and present an overview of remodeling plans for the Hellenic Center. Two weeks later on March 17th we will have a one item Special General Assembly Meeting. In compliance with church bylaws, a letter in regard to this will be sent to church members 10 days before the meeting with specific information.

March begins with many upcoming church services in preparation for Easter. It is our hope that each of you will be able to attend as many of the different services offered by Fr. Alex throughout the Lenten Season.

We offer condolences to those who have lost loved ones and to those who are sick; we wish them a speedy recovery. Everyone is welcome at our church services and please stay after on Sundays for coffee and sweets in our Church Hall. See you Sunday.

Steve Goodson                            



2019 Parish Council Members

Steve Goodson Parish Council President
John Bantsolas Parish Council Vice President
Peter Kalogerinis Parish Council Treasurer
Philip Senter Parish Council  Asst. Treasurer
Karen Koukies Parish Council Secretary
Dr. Andy Morfesis Parish Council
Mary Morgan Parish Council
Haroula Karmazyn Parish Council
Jimmie Hallis Parish Council
Linda Higgins Parish Council
Nicko Poulos Parish Council