Parish Council

President’s Letter – May 2017


Fellow Parishioners:


Christ is Risen!  Many thanks to Father Alexander, our Church secretary, Litsa Da Rosa, the chanters, the choir, the altar boys, the parish council members, to those who paid for the beautiful flowers used throughout the different Easter Services and to all who extended their time and talents  during Lent and Easter. 


Our Church had its Spring General Assembly meeting on Sunday, April 30, 2017. We had a luncheon with all proceeds going to the Monastery of Panagia Prousiotissa in Troy.  Thank you to all who attended. 


We are still repairing refrigeration units and air conditioning units.  The walk in cooler is not working as efficiently as it should and will be repaired soon.  One of the air conditioning units for the education building is out and will be repaired.  The enhancement of the lift area was also discussed at the General Assembly.


Our Church’s name day is on Sunday, May 21.  We will have a Great Vesper Service the night before on Saturday evening. 


Congratulations to Father Alexander and Presbytera Calliope on the marriage of their son, Nicholas.  Best wishes to both Jasmine and Nicholas!  May they be blessed with good health and happiness always.


Steve Goodson




2017 Parish Council Members

Steve Goodson Parish Council President
Alfred Barefoot Parish Council Vice President
Alexandra Dais Parish Council Secretary
Mary Morgan Parish Council  Treasurer
Philip Senter Parish Council Asst. Treasurer
Katherine Fasul Parish Council
John Bantsolas Parish Council
Peter Kalogerinis Parish Council
Vince Higgins Parish Council
Tommy Skenteris Parish Council
Jimmy Diamantopoulos Parish Council