Parish Council

President’s Letter – June & July 2017

Fellow Parishioners:

We hope that everyone enjoyed and had a renewed belief in God during this past Easter season. May these feelings stay with us throughout the year.  On Saturday, May 20th we celebrated Great Vespers for our Patron Saints of our church Sts. Constantine & Helen and on Sunday, May 21st the beautiful Feast Day. Xronia polla to all our parishioners who are named after our Sts. Constantine & Helen!

Sunday school is now on summer break and will resume this fall.  Many thanks to all the teachers for their commitment to our young people.   Congratulations to this year’s High School graduates: Joshua Demetri, Joshua Jensen, Billy Kalevas, Billy Kanos, and Christopher Vamvakias.  Good luck in your future endeavors. Our Choir also will take time off for the summer. We are grateful to Anna Finch, Mary Lynn Morgan and all the members of the choir for their excellent service to the church and for their talents. We do hope to continue to see each of you in church through the summer as worship to God never stops. 

We completed a lot of business at our last General Assembly meeting. The most important matters discussed were:

1. The purchase of the adjacent lot has been approved by our Bishop Alexios.  We have made a written offer of $85,000 for the property and are in negotiations with the sellers. 

2. Enhancement of the new lift area has begun. However, again this is being complicated due to a continuing roof leak that has plagued this area for years. We have had several roofing experts called in and of course this must be 100% corrected before we continue.

3. The new air conditioner for the education is on hold. The church’s plan is to finance the land purchase, new air conditioner and enhancement of the lift area together with a loan. 

The Greek Festival planning is in full swing.   We are asking for volunteers to fill the many positions needed for a successful festival.  We spend thousands of dollars for labor to work our food lines, to set up, to clean up, for all types of positions. This is where we can save our church money.  Thank you to those who always come through.   And for those who haven’t been able to help in the past, let this be the year you come out and do so.   This is our opportunity to share our Hellenism; our Church with its beautiful icons, our culture with dance and song, and of course our food, the best in the South.  New for this year, we have a different band, Pashalis.  Dance performances will be scheduled inside the hall as well as outside under the tent.  We are moving the   Children's Activity Area back to its original position next to the outdoor food and stage area. We are working on a limited drive through food pick up next to the education building. That being said, mark your calendars please to attend a very important Greek Festival meeting on June 25th.  See you there.

Next Parish Council meeting will be on Wednesday, June 21st at 7:00 pm

The Parish Council wants everyone to have a safe and happy summer making memories with your friends and family.

Steve Goodson, President



2017 Parish Council Members

Steve Goodson Parish Council President
Alfred Barefoot Parish Council Vice President
Alexandra Dais Parish Council Secretary
Mary Morgan Parish Council  Treasurer
Philip Senter Parish Council Asst. Treasurer
Katherine Fasul Parish Council
John Bantsolas Parish Council
Peter Kalogerinis Parish Council
Vince Higgins Parish Council
Tommy Skenteris Parish Council
Jimmy Diamantopoulos Parish Council