Parish Council

President’s Letter – May 2018

Fellow Church Members:


Christ has risen, truly he has risen!  We offer our thanks to Fr. Alexander for all the services he performed during this Holy Season and in particular Holy Week. Thank you to Fr. Alexander for allowing Fr. Angelo Pappas to assist which was a great help to him and a blessing for our church members who attended. We also thank our other church members who Chanted, sung in the Choir, decorated the Epitaphio, provided meals, and to the Goya for the luminaries. Also thanks to those who purchased flowers, to those who stayed overnight with our young people on Holy Thursday night and lastly to the young men who helped carry the Epitaphio during the Good Friday service.


We welcomed Metropolitan Alexios who visited our church Holy Wednesday and conducted the Holy Unction service along with Fr. Alexander and Fr. Angelo. Church attendance was great and everyone was offered this special sacrament of our faith. Metropolitan Alexios bestowed the Office of Acolyte upon William & Nicholas Johnston, Nicholas Koukies and James Skenteris.  This was a great honor for these young men and we thank them for their dedication to our church.


We recently enjoyed a wonderful evening of fellowship playing bingo with our parishioners. This event was put together to help our youth groups with some of the financial issues which come with additional church activities. Special thanks to Alfred and Julie Barefoot and their family (BarBQHut) for donating the food which was delicious as always.


Can you believe it is Greek Festival time again?  Our first festival meeting is set for Sunday, May 6th, following church services.  We are looking for volunteers for all kinds of positions.  Everyone’s help is needed. Thanks to Alfred and Dina for helping with a lot of the preliminary work associated with festivals, however there is plenty left to do.  At this point we really need your input, your ideas, and your commitment to help.  Look forward to seeing you at the meeting.


Our 2018 Spring General Assembly meeting will be held after church, Sunday, the 20th of May. Everyone is encouraged to attend and participate in your church’s business affairs. A luncheon consisting of chicken over rice and green beans will be provided with donations to be given to the Monastery in Troy, NC. 


You and your family and friends are welcome at all our Church services. We want you to join us for coffee and sweets after church in our Hellenic Center. See you Sunday.




Steve Goodson


2018 Parish Council Members

Steve Goodson Parish Council President
Alfred Barefoot Parish Council Vice President
Alexandra Dais Parish Council Secretary
Mary Morgan Parish Council  Treasurer
Philip Senter Parish Council Asst. Treasurer
Katherine Fasul Parish Council
Dr. Andy Morfesis Parish Council
Peter Kalogerinis Parish Council
Haroula Karmazyn Parish Council
Karen Koukies Parish Council
Jimmie Hallis Parish Council