Parish Council

 President’s Letter – February 2019 


Fellow Church Members:

Your Parish Council wants to congratulate our young adults for their excellent performance at the recent winter youth rally held in Atlanta, Georgia. Our Bible Bowl team came in first this year. Many thanks to Father Alex, who continues to do an extraordinary job in teaching the Bible and coaching our Bible Bowl teams. Our church youth have come in either first or second for the past ten years. What a record! Thank you also goes out to the advisors who made the trip and for their help in coaching our participants in sports. Your assistance and the youth themselves make us proud.

We want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Sandy Merrell and Alfred Barefoot for their many years of excellent and devoted service to our church as Parish Council members. They chose not to run this year but we hope in the future they will again be a part of the Parish Council. This year’s Parish Council is made up of some new members along with some returning members. Officers are Steve Goodson President, John Bantsolas Vice President, Karen Koukies Secretary, Peter Kalogerinis Treasurer and Dr. Phil Senter Asst. Treasurer. Other council members are Mary Morgan, Haroula Karmazyn, Dr Andy Morfesis, Jimmie Hallis, Linda Higgins, and Nicko Poulos. We along with Father Alex’s spiritual guidance will work together for the good of our church community.

Work will soon start to complete some church repairs that have been mentioned in past letters. Two new handicap parking spaces have been added in the Education Building parking lot and the present ones have been re-striped.

On Sunday, March 3, 2019 Linda Higgins and the Building Committee will host an afternoon social to present an overview of the new renovation project. They will have pictures and other more innovative materials to show what the new look of the Church Hall and bathrooms will be. This will allow our community members time to think about the information. On Sunday, March 17th we will have a Special General Assembly meeting to make the decision on whether we accept the plans.

We offer condolences to those who have lost loved ones and to those who are sick we wish them a speedy recovery. Everyone is welcome at our church on Sunday; please stay after church for coffee and sweets in our Church Hall. See you Sunday.

Steve Goodson                            



2019 Parish Council Members

Steve Goodson Parish Council President
John Bantsolas Parish Council Vice President
Peter Kalogerinis Parish Council Treasurer
Philip Senter Parish Council  Asst. Treasurer
Karen Koukies Parish Council Secretary
Dr. Andy Morfesis Parish Council
Mary Morgan Parish Council
Haroula Karmazyn Parish Council
Jimmie Hallis Parish Council
Linda Higgins Parish Council
Nicko Poulos Parish Council