Evrytanian Association (Velouchi)

Evrytanian Association of America “Velouchi” Chapter No. 2


Χριστός Ανέστη – Christ is Risen!  Our best wishes to our entire church community.  May the blessing and the meaning of our Holy Week and the Resurrection be with us all year!

On March 3rd our chapter hosted the Kiwanis raffle fundraiser.  We served 300 individuals in our Hellenic Center.  Although some of us had the flu a lot of our members worked very hard and the project was very successful.  We appreciated the leadership and hard work of our co-chairmen, Tasos and Jimmy Hasapis.

On April the 2nd I was able to attend the Evrytanian Association of America “Velouchi” National Board meeting held in Winston Salem.  The meeting was well attended and the Winston Salem “Velouchi” chapter extended excellent hospitality. 

The most interesting report was given by the Winston Salem convention committee.  The convention headquarters will be at the Embassy Suits on June 16-18th.  Reservation information will be given soon. 

The banquet and Dance on Saturday night will be held at the church hall.  Also, the Sunday luncheon will be held at the church hall following the Divine Liturgy.  Attending the convention and supporting the program book is an excellent way to support the Ervytanian convention; program book forms will be available soon.

The following deadlines were given:  1. Program Book (6-1-17).  2. Scholarship raffle (6-10-17).              3. Membership Dues (5-31-17).

Additional convention information will be given with the upcoming “Velouchi” Bulletin.

Also, the “Velouchi” website can provide information www.velouchi.org (click on the link for convention information)

On Palm Sunday our chapter served the annual fish lunch to the members of our church.  All of us were very pleased with the good attendance.  George Anagnostopoulos and Jimmy Hondros did an excellent job to serve as usual delicious food.  Our Fayetteville “Velouchi” chapter and the Daughters of Evrytania have excellent and dedicated members.  We all work very well together for our “Velouchi” projects.  We only need more members, especially our young members, to attend our “Velouchi” meetings to become more familiar with “Velouchi”.  We only have four very enjoyable meetings a year.


Alfred Barefoot, President


 Chapter Officers

Alfred Barefoot – Chapter President, George Dais – Chapter Vice President

Chris T. Vlachos – Secretary, Paul Kanos – Treasurer

George Anagnostopoulos & Tasos Hasapis - Chapter Representatives

Maria Poulos – “Velouchi” Bulletin Correspondent

Dina Goodson – Daughters of Evrytania President

Irene Bantsolas – Daughters of Evrytania Representative


 MAY 2014