Evrytanian Association (Velouchi)

Evrytanian Association of America “Velouchi” Chapter No. 2

We would like to wish our church community a Healthy and Prosperous New Year for all of us.

Our “Velouchi” chapter had a very active year and our donations were very generous.  We had four fundraising projects.  We participated in the Kiwanis Dinner, the Palm Sunday Luncheon, the International Folk Festival and the Vision Resource Center Dinner. 

We are very happy that our Christmas donations were very generous:

Our Church     $1,000.00                    Salvation Army                                               $200.00

IOCC                 $500.00                    Cumberland Community Foundation                  $200.00

Monastery          $500.00                    Vasilopita                                                        $200.00

Care Clinic         $200.00                    “Velouchi” Children with Special Needs             $4,000.00

Total donations                                                                                                    $6,800.00


Our chapter sold 78 scholarship raffle tickets which contributed $7,800 to “Velouchi” Scholarship Fund.

Our attendance to the “Velouchi” Convention held in Winston Salem was very enjoyable.  We were impressed with the success of the convention and wish the participation of younger members.

On November the 26th we were honored by hosting the Evrytanian Association of America “Velouchi” National Board meeting in our Hellenic Center.

On December the 3rd our chapter’s “Velouchi” Christmas party was held at Chris’s Steak House.  Jimmy Chulkas, the “Velouchi’s” National 1st Vice President, represented Mrs. Laura Nixon, the National President, who could not attend.  Father Alexander Papagikos was honored as the “Velouchi” member of the year.  Vick Kalevas, last year’s recipient, made the presentation.

Our very best wishes to everyone for a Healthy and Happy New Year!


Alfred Barefoot, President





 Chapter Officers

Alfred Barefoot – Chapter President, George Dais – Chapter Vice President

Chris T. Vlachos – Secretary, Paul Kanos – Treasurer

George Anagnostopoulos & Tasos Hasapis - Chapter Representatives

Maria Poulos – “Velouchi” Bulletin Correspondent

Dina Goodson – Daughters of Evrytania President

Irene Bantsolas – Daughters of Evrytania Representative


 MAY 2014