Evrytanian Association (Velouchi)


Evrytanian Association of America “Velouchi” Chapter No. 2


(Above): The Keynote Speaker Ambassador of Greece in the U.S.A., His Excellency Haris Lalacos and U.S Congresswoman Mrs. Virginia Foxx.

The “Velouchi” convention this year was held in Winston Salem on Father’s Day weekend.  Some of our chapter members attended all events and many more attended the dance on Saturday Night.

The Convention was well organized and well attended; it was enjoyable and productive.  All of us were very much impressed that the Winston Salem young “Velouchi” members realized that their participation was very important in order for the convention to be successful.  They were a good example for all “Velouchi” chapters.

Dr. Paul Dallas was the President of the General Assembly.  The Fayetteville “Velouchi” chapter was represented by Alfred Barefoot, Tommy G. Skenteris, Helen K. Skenteris, and George G. Dais and observed by James G. Barefoot.  Our chapter is very proud that Frances Skenteris was one of the scholarship recipients. Dr. Paul Dallas did an excellent job with the meeting which had the following reports and motions:

-It was reported that last year “Velouchi” donated $15,000 for assisting the economic crisis in Evrytania.  Again this year we will donate for the economic relief. 

-The Florence “Velouchi” chapter made a significant improvement on dues collected.

-The children with special needs are getting plenty of financial support.  This year there are 10 children in the program. 

-The overall financial position of the Evrytanian Ass. Of America “Velouchi” is very good. 

-Emphasis on “Velouchi” membership especially by young people is very important.

-Our Fayetteville “Velouchi” chapter report was one of the best.  Some of the approved motions are as follows: 

  1.  A convention book to all advertisers will be available. 

  2.  By November the 1st, important convention information will be available forthe next year’s chapter hosting the convention. 

  3. A request made to decrease the financial need for “Velouchi” scholarship from 50% -50% to 75% - 25%.  The change will occur by proper change to the constitution. 

  4. A motion was for the Evrytanian Association “Velouchi” to contribute a$495 half page ad in the National Herald honoring Mrs. Laura Nixon for her accomplishments.    The national officers decided to serve two more years in their positions.  The only change was that Alfred Barefoot became 2nd Vice President.  Bobby Tsiambasis became 2nd Secretary and Dr. Kontogiannis will serve in the Evrytanian Foundation                                                                                                                              Special guests attending the convention were:  Metropolitan Alexios, Ambassador of Greece His Excellency Haris Lalacos, US Congresswoman Mrs. Virginia Foxx, Mr. Panagiotis Katsoudas, representing the Mayor of Karpenisi, Mrs. Chrisoula Soulioti and the Epigiriarchis of Evrytania. 

As reported by Dina Goodson, from the “Daughterʼs” perspective, Winston Salem did a superb job in organizing this year’s convention. The Daughters of Evrytania annual
meeting had an excellent attendance with our local chapter represented by Irene Bantsolas, Elaine Dais, and Dina Goodson. Various chapter fundraising ideas that have
worked throughout the district were discussed. There was some discussion concerning the Daughters sponsoring a Fall/Winter Dance as has been done a few years back but
no decision was made at this point. The Daughters continued with helping provide with educational needs by voting to allocate $2400 this year to Evyrtanian villages, to be
distributed to the villages of Fourna ($1,000), Daphnoula ($900), and Megalo Horio ($500). Donations were made again to the Karpenesi Food Pantry as well as to several
needy families in the Karpenesi area. The meeting ended on time with most members taking the hotel bus to the Forsythe Country Club for the 70th Anniversary Daughters of Evyrtania Luncheon. Not only were members treated to a wonderful meal and an excellent presentation by Dr. Eve Rapp from Salem College, but were also given gift
bags of Korres Skin Care Products and carefully packaged bags of delicious koulourakia. Again, the community of Winston Salem went above and beyond what is
expected at an annual convention. It is with renewed enthusiasm we look forward to next year’s convention to be held in Washington, DC.

We encourage all our church members to participate in our Greek Festival on September 8-10.  Also, to participate as much as possible in the International Folk Festival on September 22-24.

We hope all of you are having an enjoyable summer!


Alfred Barefoot, Presiden

 Chapter Officers

Alfred Barefoot – Chapter President, George Dais – Chapter Vice President

Chris T. Vlachos – Secretary, Paul Kanos – Treasurer

George Anagnostopoulos & Tasos Hasapis - Chapter Representatives

Maria Poulos – “Velouchi” Bulletin Correspondent

Dina Goodson – Daughters of Evrytania President

Irene Bantsolas – Daughters of Evrytania Representative


 MAY 2014