Evrytanian Association (Velouchi)


Evrytanian Association of America “Velouchi” Chapter No. 2

Our “Velouchi” chapter would like to wish our church community a Healthy and Peaceful New Year!

On Sunday, November the 25th our chapter was honored to host the meeting of the Evrytanian Association national Board after the Divine Liturgy.

Father Alexander made the opening prayer for the meeting. A delicious meal was provided for our visitors and the “Velouchi” members who stayed for the meeting. The emphasis of the National Board meeting was for the next year’s “Velouchi” Convention which will mark the 75th anniversary of “Velouchi’s” history and accomplishments. The date is on June 7th through the 9th. It will be a historic Convention and all of us should try to attend.

All the reports were very positive; they revealed that Evrytanian Association of America is doing very well.

On December the 2nd our “Velouchi” chapter had its annual Christmas Party at Captain Jerry’s Seafood restaurant. The food was delicious and the Christmas spirit excellent.

The treasurer’s report revealed that the Fayetteville “Velouchi” chapter is very active with its philanthropic and educational mission.

The report stated we have 54 Velouchi members and 49 Daughters of Evrytania members.

We had 4 fundraising projects. Our donations for the year were as follows:

  • Supported a Greek sick person           $1,050.00
  • Manginas Family in Winston Salem     $1,200.00
  • Children with special needs                $2,700.00
  • Christmas donations                          $2,800.00

Total                                                     $7,750.00


An appreciation plaque was presented to Philip Merrell for his dedicated service to our “Velouchi” chapter. Father Alexander Papagikos, last year’s recipient presented the plaque.


Alfred Barefoot, President

 Chapter Officers

Alfred Barefoot – Chapter President, George Dais – Chapter Vice President

Chris T. Vlachos – Secretary, Paul Kanos – Treasurer

George Anagnostopoulos & Tasos Hasapis - Chapter Representatives

Maria Poulos – “Velouchi” Bulletin Correspondent

Dina Goodson – Daughters of Evrytania President

Irene Bantsolas – Daughters of Evrytania Representative


 MAY 2014